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New World: Everything you need to know about Amazon's MMO
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PostPost subject: New World: Everything you need to know about Amazon's MMO
Posted: 16-11-2021 7:04:32
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New World: Everything you need to know about Amazon's MMO

New World is a long-gestating project from Amazon Games, the gaming division of tech giant Amazon. In this massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG), players find themselves on Aeternum, an island of legend that contains a magical mineral that empowers and corrupts those who contact it.To get more news about safe new world gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Led by player-run companies and 50v50 PVP battles, New World offers a bustling dynamic world entirely run by players and their actions. But if local politics and territorial control aren't your thing, you can still play New World like any other open-world RPG. Unlike other popular MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft, New World features a timing-based action combat system, which feels more in line with a traditional action-adventure game than the typical MMO auto-attack battle system.

New World was first announced back in 2016, alongside two other games: The competitive shooter Crucible and the multiplayer brawler Breakaway. Unfortunately, by 2018 Breakaway was put on hiatus, and focus was moved towards New World and Crucible. Development quietly continued until 2020, when Amazon Games announced that New World would miss its release window of May 2020 and be pushed back to August 2020, and then again to August 2021. The game was launched to all players on August 28.

New World is a classless MMORPG, which means that you're not locked to a specific weapon class or job. In certain MMORPGs, dungeons are limited to a specific number of healers, tanks, and DPS, but that doesn't matter in New World. It doesn't matter whether you're an archer, an axe wielder, or a brawler, you can queue up and fight at any time.

As you level up, you can use your experience points to upgrade weapon skills, as well as your own stats. While New World isn't class-based in a normal sense, you can still adjust your stats to fit the role you're playing. You can respec your stats at any time, though respecing later levels will require a small fee of gold.In New World, you can become proficient with just about any weapon you pick up. None of these weapons are associated with a class per se, but you might want to consider the archetype or role, you decide to play in the game.

Once you choose a faction, you can only freely change it once. After that, you'll only be able to change your faction once every 120 days. So make sure your ideals align. Amazon Games released a faction personality test to help players choose which faction is right for them.

Once you've joined a faction, you can also join a company, which is a player-led organization within the faction. Companies can have up to 100 members and are necessary to the PVP mode, War. The person who starts the company is called the Governor, while their seconds-in-command are called Consuls. The Governor is responsible for managing territory upkeep, town projects, and leading their company into war, though they can delegate responsibilities to as many consuls as they want.
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