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Work Visa in China: Full 2023 Guide
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PostPost subject: Work Visa in China: Full 2023 Guide
Posted: 14-07-2023 2:26:43
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Work Visa in China: Full 2023 Guide

The acquisition of Chinese work visas for foreign nationals is a significant challenge for individuals and companies operating in China. The requirements for obtaining a work visa in China are infamous, not due to their complexity regarding prerequisites but rather the frequent updates to the list of necessary documents. Since 2016, the Chinese government has revised the list of required documents almost every year, making it difficult for applicants to stay up-to-date with the latest requirements.To get more news about Work visas in Shanghai, you can citynewsservice.cn official website.

At HROne, we like to stay updated so we can keep providing you the most up-to-date information to provide the most current and accurate information possible. This article provides updated information for the 2023 China work visa application process.
Basic Requirements for Employee and Employer
Since the end of COVID-19 quarantine in China in early 2023, China has relaxed its issuance of work visas to foreigners. This is due to the Chinese government’s efforts to attract more foreign talent to the country to support its economic growth and development. The relaxation of work visa issuance has made it easier for foreigners to apply for and obtain work visas in China, which has in turn created more opportunities for international professionals to work and live in the country.

China has implemented a more active, open, and effective foreign talent policy. It has simplified the application process, allowing for the majority of the application to be completed online. For employers hiring foreigners in China, it is important to comply with the local laws and regulations regarding expatriates. For instance, employers must be legally established in China and must have the necessary certifications from the appropriate industry in order to hire foreign workers.
Step 1: The Chinese Work Notice
The Chinese Work Notice document must be obtained before the working visa can be acquired. It is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China.
Step 2: Apply for a Z-Class Visa
To obtain a Z visa, you will need the following items. However, it’s important to note that the Z visa has a validity period of only 30 days.
Step 3: Turn in work permit notice and Z-Class Visa application
You will need to take your work permit and Z-visa application to the Chinese Embassy/Consulate that serves your area. Note that a consulate is a smaller version of an embassy. The processing time for your application will be between 2 to 5 days.
Step 4: Receive the Visa and get on the plane to China!
Typically, the hiring company is expected to cover the cost of air travel for both the employee and their family.
Step 5: Temporary registration with Police (Must be done within 24 hours of arrival to China)
If the employee opts to stay in a nearby hotel, they might be able to register at the hotel. However, if they plan to reside with a Chinese resident, regardless of their nationality, they must register at the local police station that has jurisdiction over the area or register online using the online foreigner temporary registration application.
Step 6: Medical Verification (Must be done as soon as possible after the entry into China)
Every major city in China should have an International Travel Healthcare Center. This Chinese Government website provides a list of Centers. For the most part, Chinese authorities don’t accept an English version of a medical report from other countries, so it must be translated. If the company hiring the employee in China has a Chinese staff member capable of translating, and if the medical check has been fully completed in another country, there is no need to get another medical check. However, if not fully completed, the employee will need to get another medical check within China.
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