China tackles cluster in Shanghai among other outbreaks
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#1: China tackles cluster in Shanghai among other outbreaks Author: xysoom PostPosted: 02-08-2022 1:55:39
China tackles cluster in Shanghai among other outbreaks

China has followed the zero-Covid policy to curb the spread of the deadly virus. The country, that reported the first coronavirus case in 2019, is facing another surge with several outbreaks. The nation has imposed fresh restrictions in some parts and doing mass testing. To get more news about shanghai covid cases, you can visit shine news official website.

In the latest development, China is tackling a rise in cases which is apparently linked to a building which houses a karaoke lounge that was operating illegally. Now the pressure is increasing on the local authorities as they will look to avoid a wider spread of the virus that resulted in the painful and costly isolation that Shanghai suffered in April and May. It led to business disruptions across the global economy.

City health official Zhao Dandan told reporters on Wednesday (July 6): "Several Chinese areas are facing local outbreaks and infections have emerged at the community level in Shanghai. There should be no slacking."

News agencies have reported that the latest daily caseload of just over 300 infections, which is not too much as per global standards but for China, it is quite significant.

On Wednesday, Shanghai listed a total of 26 addresses of buildings under lockdown, taking the total to 31. One case was suspected in one of the iconic International Financial Centre twin towers. News agency Reuters reported quoting staff in the building that the office workers on two floors have been taken to quarantine as close contacts.

The commercial hub of 25 million people reported 24 new cases for Tuesday versus Monday's eight. It is testing all residents in nine of its 16 districts, and some from other areas, from Tuesday to Thursday.

Shanghai already requires residents to get tested frequently in order to enter shopping malls or take public transport.

Authorities have suspended operations of karaoke lounges, but other recently-reopened cultural venues such as libraries will stay open. Cinemas are due to reopen on Friday.

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