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where would we be without you?
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PostPost subject: where would we be without you?
Posted: 14-10-2019 2:32:59
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When you do a so called 'normal' job - i.e. when you are working for someone else's business - you are beholden to the weather to a certain extent. The extensive snow we have had across the UK in recent weeks - and indeed last year as well on many other occasions - has shown how difficult it can be for regular employed workers to get to work as usual.

But if you are operating a home business and or working from home you cannot use the excuse of the weather to get out of doing a day's work. Since you don't have to venture outside if you don't want to Cheap Mens Puma Sneakers , you can stay indoors in the warm and complete a normal day's work.

There are still some issues you should be aware of at this time though. If you have a family the chances are you will have one or more people who will be staying home because they cannot reach work or school. This could have a knock on effect for you and your job business, so you can see that even though you can work as normal in theory, the problems of other people can still scupper your plans.

It is good to plan in advance if the weather forecast happens to predict snow. If you are expecting visitors to your home business, you will need to clear the paths. You might have to consider starting work earlier before everyone else gets up Cheap Mens Puma Shoes , so that you can get snow cleared and normal work done. Similarly working later in the day once everyone has gone to bed might be the only way you can get keep up with normal duties.

When this kind of situation happens you need to prioritise what you are going to do. Take a look at your daily schedule and see how much work is listed there that absolutely has to be done that day. Prioritise that to get it done first; you might have to reallocate other tasks to another day when things are back to normal.

Some home workers automatically think they can get off work for the day when the snow comes down. But of course if you work via the internet there is no reason why you cannot still complete and send work on time just as you normally would. The only exception would be if the weather had brought down power cables and your electricity goes off.

This is why you should always have alternate methods of getting in touch with clients in case you should find yourself without electricity at any point. Keep these details in an easy to locate place - there is no point keeping them on your computer hard drive!

So you can see that even home workers can be affected by the weather, although perhaps not as much as other workers. Since you only have to go from room to room to get to your place of work it stands to reason that you won't be hampered by the weather. The only things you might be hampered by are the other people in your household that are affected by it.

If you are running a home business or just working at home, it still pays to plan in advance as much as you can so that you can cope with extreme weather.
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