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Riccardo Misto was born in Padua (Italy) in 1954. He graduated in music therapy at four-year course of Assisi and then studied with the Indian musician and musictherapist Vemu Mukunda from Bangalore, graduating in Nada Yoga (yoga of sound). He has studied elements of Indian classical music and has specialized in Sarod (Indian lute) with masters Vikash Maharaj of Benares and Partho Sarothy of Kolkata, where he is still a student. Since 2007 they have played together on several occasions in Italy, developing a music project which sees the introduction of Western instruments in classical Indian raga, fusing genres and styles. He studied overtone singing (harmonic chant) with the most important masters of this discipline: Roberto Laneri, Tran Quang Hai and David Hykes. Holds conferences, seminars and training courses in music therapy, Nada Yoga and overtone singing in Italy and abroad, especially in Brussels, and in India (Bangalore, Benares, Puri). Multi-instrumentalist, in addition to guitar (which he studied with jazz-rock fusion pioneer Larry Coryell), plays drums, keyboards, percussion and many eastern instruments, including sarod, sitar, santoor, oud, rebab, yangqin, saz, vichitra veena, cumbush, tanpura and swaramandal. He has collaborated with the Sonology Institute of Padua University in the study of human voice and overtones singing. He has presented concerts of overtones singing, called "the sacred sound." in Italian and European cathedrals. He gives lectures and seminars on the therapeutic use of sound and music in Italy and Europe. Collaborates with the Association P.A.V.A.N. Puri (Orissa, India), aimed at cultural and charitable activities. Since 2007 he is member of the Jagannatha Vallabha Vedic Research Center. He has worked and played with many Indian musicians such as: Partho Sarothy, Apurbho Mukherjee, Arup Sen Gupta, Nihar Mehta and Angshubha Banerjee.
He plays solo and with etnojazz ensembles. Author and composer, has collaborated with italian famous composer Pino Donaggio in the creation of soundtracks for TV and cinema. He has also worked for theatre, producing the spectacle of music and poetry " Afghans Nocturne" and collaborating with actor Marco Baliani. He has published in the '99 the CD "New India Company vol.1" with the tag Azzurra, in which appear Lebanese singer Ghassan Mawlawi and Romanian singer Mirela Zoric. In 2009 he published "New India Company vol.2" for Emmeciesse Music Publishing Ltd. President of' cultural and social promotion Association "Armon Project”, which produces art projects, music, social and recreational services through conferences, seminars and courses, pursuing the purpose of cultural exchange with the realities of other nations, in Europe and beyond. He works with newspapers and scientific journals and has published articles on sound, music and therapy for Project Man-Music, the Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, The New Dolphin, PsicoLab.
He has published several music videos on YouTube. His www.nadayoga.it web site has become the most important landmark in music therapy and oriental music.