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All you need to know about Steel Structure Building Construc
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PostPost subject: All you need to know about Steel Structure Building Construc
Posted: 20-01-2022 6:54:04
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All you need to know about Steel Structure Building Construction

Compared with traditional buildings, Steel Structure Building Construction offers an innovative type of building structure—the entire building made of steel. The structure mainly comprises steel beams, columns, trusses, and other parts made of thin-walled steel and steel plates. It is connected between parts and parts by welding, bolts, or rivets. The lightweight and simple structures are widely used in large factories, stadiums, super high-rise buildings, and other fields.Get more news about steel structure building,you can vist our website!

Steel Structure Building Construction provides affordable, durable, and low-maintenance solutions for workshops, warehouses, agricultural buildings, garage buildings, and aircraft hangars. Compared to wooden structures, steel is resistant to strong winds, heavy snow, and termites. The interior layout of the metal buildings can be fully customized to meet your needs.
1. Portal Frame Steel Building Structures
The portal steel frame comprises a hot-rolled or welded section steel, cold-formed C/Z steel, and steel pipe as the main force-bearing components and adopts a light roof and wall structure. The Portal frame is the most common form of the light steel structure.
2. Steel Building Frame Structure
The steel frame structure is composed of steel beams and columns that can withstand vertical and horizontal loads. Columns, beams, bracing, and other members are rigidly or hingedly connected to form a flexible layout and create a larger space. It is widely used in a multi-story, high-rise, and super high-rise buildings, commercial office buildings, conference centers, and other buildings.
3. Steel Truss Structure
The steel truss structure is made up of several rods hinged at both ends of each rod. It can be divided into plane truss and space truss. According to the parts section, it can be divided into tube truss and angle steel truss. The truss is generally composed of the upper chord, lower chord, vertical rod, diagonal web, and inter-truss support. The amount of steel used in trusses is less than that of solid web beams, the structural weight is lighter, and the rigidity is greater.
4. Steel Grid Structure
According to a specific rule, the grid structure comprises many rods, with small space stress, lightweight, high rigidity, and excellent seismic resistance. It is used as a gymnasium, exhibition hall, aircraft hangar.
High-strength friction bolts are currently widely used in industrial, civil construction steel structure connections. They are the most suitable connection method for bearing dynamic loads among various links.
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