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Container sea shipping in China
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PostPost subject: Container sea shipping in China
Posted: 20-01-2022 7:02:10
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Container sea shipping in China

In China, the Organization of Maritime Transport is very picky. In general, the four common incoterms when shipping from China are: EXW; FOB; CFR and CIF. To determine a price and the responsibilities of every part involved in an international shipment, it is essential to understand what an incoterm is.Get more news about Sea Freight Service From China,you can vist our website!

In general, the incoterm is clearly defined in the proforma invoice or in the quotation which is provided. Otherwise, it is essential to make it clear before considering any international shipment.

Note: When comparing various quotations, make sure that the quotations are based on the same incoterms.

SINO Shipping’s advantage: We can ship under DAP. In other words, we can arrange a door to door service, which is highly appreciated by our customers. Pros: you deal with one interlocutor until the final delivery, you get an all-inclusive quotation (to avoid bad surprises) and we assure a permanent operational follow-up.

When shipping under DAP or DDU (excluding customs duties and taxes), the freight forwarder takes care of the whole process. This Incoterm can be likened to a “door-to-door” service, where your shipment is fully handled from beginning to the end.
1.2) FOB or CIF ?
Most of shipments from China are shipped under the same Incoterms, which are EXW or FOB in general. FOB is especially appreciated in case of a close relationship between the supplier and local transportation companies that are willing to handle the first part of the shipping process (from the warehouse or factory to the POL).

These long-lasting relationships between suppliers and local companies enable to get very competitive rates. As a result, this part of the transportation process is systematically handled by Chinese suppliers.

However, you can use our services for freight, customs clearance in Asia / USA / Canada, Australia, UK, Europe, and some African countries and final delivery as well.

A SINO Shipping advisor will personally take care of the rest of the shipping process, until your cargo reaches the final delivery location.
This option is more cost-effective for lower volumes, as only one part of the container will be used for the transportation of your goods.

This solution allows you to rationalize your shipping costs significantly. Your goods are loaded in the container alongside those of other customers and you will end up paying only for the space you need.

SINO Tips : LCL is recommended for a volume between 0-15m3. However, it may vary depending on the port of departure. Please contact us for more information.
You want to import / export goods to / from China but you do not know which incoterm to opt for? For a reliable and hassle-free shipment, SINO Shipping advises you to go for an (almost) full coverage of your shipment.

In other words, it is better for you to choose incoterms such as EXW or FOB, where (almost) all of your shipment will be handled and supervised by a team of dedicated professionals.

These two incoterms come with a pick-up from the factory / warehouse (EXW) or from the port of departure (FOB), which frees you from quite a heavy responsibility during the transportation process.

SINO Shipping‘s experience in providing logistics services for shipments between China and the entire world now enables our team to ship all kinds of goods between both countries (foodstuffs, chemical or dangerous products, etc.).

During your shipments, no matter what type of goods is shipped, we manage all the necessary steps, including the most complex part of it (customs clearance and other paperwork).
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